Most Reknown Top-Coat Sealings and Their Benefits

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A catalyzed conversion varnish applied to the top of the sealant provides the most vital seal and maximum durability. The Top-Coat Sealing The Woodlands used by The Driveway Company offers the ultimate seal and durability in your driveway. They also work on patios, sideways, halls, and more. Their top-quality sealants are designed to provide your home with the long-lasting, attractive appearance you desire.

Gel Stain

You might have heard of gel top coats, but what is the difference between them and a standard polyurethane finish? The answer is that gel top coats contain more urethane. Unlike a standard polyurethane finish, gel top coats won’t fade away. A gel top coat will not wear off, and it can be wiped off, which makes it an ideal choice for sealing top coats on interior wood.

If you’re looking for a rich color for your wood surface, gel stain may be your best bet. It’s thick, provides striking color when cured, and can be applied with a brush, roller, or pad. A half-pint is enough for about 50 square feet of flooring. You can even use a roller if you have a large surface to stain.


Arm-R-Seal is a high-quality urethane topcoat designed to protect a home’s exterior. It’s thin and oil-based, with an amber color upon application. It darkens over time and is best applied over raw surfaces or darker paints. To make the best of Arm-R-Seal, stir it often while using it.

Seal-A-Cell Clear

A clear-coat finish that highlights the surface has long been a favorite of craftsmen. Seal-A-Cell Clear is an emulsion clear coat that wipes on easily and is remarkably durable. It can be used alone or under multiple coats of Arm-R-Seal top-coat to increase durability and color fidelity. It can also be used as a conditioner to control the penetration of stains and as a base for adding universal tints to create custom colors.

Use a natural bristle brush or foam roller to apply this product to the wood deck in your patio or another exterior wood surface. Apply liberally using even, smooth strokes. Don’t apply too much pressure since you don’t want to risk ruining the finish. If you have a complicated surface to stain, you can use a gel top coat to increase durability and resistance further.

Arm-R-Seal Tape

The best way to seal your top coat is with an Arm-R-Seal tape. This tape is available in quart, pint, or gallon sizes and is used to seal wood finishes. This product can be applied to any surface and adheres to the surface without needing a primer or Top-Coat Sealing The Woodlands. For a perfect seal, Arm-R-Seal must be applied liberally. It would help if you stirred the tape often to avoid streaks. It is also essential to test the sealant’s adhesion to the sealed surface.

Catalyzed conversion varnish

Using a catalyzed conversion varnish as a top coat sealer is a great way to give the finish added durability and a better seal. This product is also oven-cured, providing a superior seal. It is also a popular choice for decks, patios, and other projects. Also, remember that you’ll need to sand any wood project before applying the varnish.

Traditional lacquers consist of a pre-catalyzed nitrocellulose finish. Since they dry out quickly, they don’t require a mixing process and do not need to be reapplied. The problem with these traditional lacquers is that they tend to be low-solid, requiring multiple coats to achieve the desired finish. A catalyzed conversion varnish is thicker than lacquer, making it less likely to scratch wood surfaces.

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